Ep 3 – ABC of Marketing for Therapists

Ep 3 - ABC of Marketing for Therapists

On this Master Idea episode, Chris Swenson, LMFT introduces the listener to a simple way to remember a key aspect of marketing. This Master Idea episode is inspired by the book, “Book Yourself Solid” by Michael Port.


It is well known in marketing and sales that ABC means “Always Be Closing!” However, that usually brings up images of pushy salespeople that simply turns private therapists away. So, as many of us therapist like to do… Let’s reframe this to reflect ABC as Always Be Communicating! Give the episode a listen to get all the details!!!


If you would like to purchase the book, Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port, simply click http://amzn.to/2zO5Crg

About Chris Swenson

Chris Swenson is a true Private Practice Warrior who believes that therapists in private practice are in the best position to truly make a difference in the mental health concerns of our world. He loves helping people succeed in private practice as he studies, embodies, and teaches the fundamentals of mastering private practice. Learn more about Chris at http://imchrisswenson.com