Ep 19 – The Key to Private Practice Success: Win From Within Everyday!

Ep 19 - The Key to Private Practice Success: Win From Within Everyday!

On this Master Idea episode, Chris Swenson discloses the real key to private practice success; to win from within everyday! This is a must-listen-to episode if you truly want to gain the key to private practice success!


Too many of us in private practice continue to focus upon the external stuff. For instance, marketing strategies, marketing plans, business plans, autoresponders, email lists, software programs, scheduling, note taking, blogging, how to setup my business cards, how to create my website, what forms should i use, etc… And the list goes on and on…


Such items are important, don’t get me wrong. However, those items are all external stuff that if you give yourself time will probably figure out. What is truly more important is the inner game. The inner game is what truly will make the difference between success or not. If you cannot master yourself, how are you going to get yourself to take consistent action each day no matter what is going on?


This fault to focus on the external is found in many other places in our society. Let’s take weight loss for example. To lose weight you need to diet and exercise, that’s it! Sounds simple, right? But it isn’t easy! Why? because we miss the inner battle we all go through each and everyday to carry out our mission to lose weight.

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The same is true when it comes to private practice. We need to do what many authors and successful individuals advocate: you must win the inner game first! This is what David Steele refers to as the “hero’s journey” in his book, “Million Dollar Private Practice, it is what Mark Divine means when he advocates to “win in the mind first” from his book “Unbeatable Mind,” and what Brian Tracy clearly states, “You must win from within.”


Clearly, we need to win the inner game in our minds everyday when it comes to our private practice. Give the short episode a listen; it just might be the one Master Idea you are missing, that can now make all the difference!

About Chris Swenson

Chris Swenson is a true Private Practice Warrior who believes that therapists in private practice are in the best position to truly make a difference in the mental health concerns of our world. He loves helping people succeed in private practice as he studies, embodies, and teaches the fundamentals of mastering private practice. Learn more about Chris at http://imchrisswenson.com