Ep 18 – Therapists! Rejection is NOT About You!

Ep 18 - Therapists! Rejection is NOT About You!

Many of us in private practice have experienced the event where a client decides to see someone else for therapy. Or, when you have worked so hard to attract clients and those clients decided to choose to work with someone else. Ouch! I know! Does this mean we suck? Are devalued? Worthless? A complete reject? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!


Rejection! A word many of us don’t like and certainly will do almost anything to avoid! In business, especially in private practice, we must understand that rejection is part of the deal. However, we do not need to be greatly affected by it when we can truly understand what is really going on!


CJ Hayden, author of the book “Get Clients Now“, gives a great piece of advice to therapists when facing rejection. She clearly states that if a client decides to go to someone else for therapy, that is a business decision and not a personal decision about YOU! Rather, it reflects more about the person’s choice then about you as a therapist!


The person choosing a therapists must make decisions about how THEY are going to spend their time and money (a business decision). So, if you are a therapist who struggles with rejection when others choose a different therapist, just remember, it is a business decision on THEIR part, and NOT ABOUT YOU PERSONALLY!

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