EP 14 MN – Building Your Ideal Private Practice

EP 14 MN - Building Your Ideal Private Practice


A Guide for Therapists and Other Healing Professionals, 2nd Ed.

by Lynn Grodzki


On this Master Note episode, Chris Swenson features four of his favorite Master Ideas from the book “Building Your Ideal Private Practice” by Lynn Grodzki. Master Ideas we explore in this one are – Split in Your Psyche, Your Business Heart, Aligned Vision Model, and the Dreaded M Word That Really Isn’t.


Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, MCC is one of the leading business coaches in the US for small business owners. She specializes in working with change-agents: therapists, coaches, healers, and other helping professionals.


To me, she is THE business coach for therapists! The knowledge and ex-pertise in this book is mindboggling.


The book doesn’t just focus on the HOW and WHAT to do (what do I need to do next?), but also focuses on the WHO (the person you need to be-come to do this successfully).
Lynn lists numerous ideas to build your practice. What is most important is creating a business that embraces YOUR values.


There are numerous ways to build a practice. Just “building” the practice is not what you are after. You need to focus on “sustaining” a practice of YOUR IDEALS; not the ideals of some expert!


The book is absolutely filled with Master Ideas. In this episode, Chris will examine only four of his favorites. The full PDF Master Note lists all of his favorites from this book!


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